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12 March 2013

How do you travel to AMAZING places with AMAZING people on a limited budget?

Jairek Robbins
Hi Everybody!!


This weeks question comes from Aurea in Atlanta Georgia!


The BIGGEST tip I have is to learn to add MASSIVE value!


In todays video I go over 4 specific stages of life and a few tips
on how to add MASSIVE VALUE to give yourself the ability to
travel to AMAZING places with AMAZING like minded people!


Also share a bit about my personal story and how I applied the
tips I am sharing at each stage of my life!





[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFWzkd-2lBE” width=”540″ height=”340″]

As you can see, through all the stages and adventures, the consistent theme is to find a way to add value or get resourceful to creatively travel the world on a limited budget!


Now its YOUR turn!!


I would LOVE to hear a few examples of how YOU have traveled on a limited budget…


What are some great tips and insights you learned that you can share with other viewers?

What were some of your BEST memories?
What were some of your BIGGEST struggles?
What is somthing you WISH you would have known?


Hope ya’ll have an AMAZING WEEK!




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