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15 October 2014

How Do You Tap Into Your Feminine Energy? (What’s that really mean anyway?)

Jairek Robbins

eckhart-tolle-quote on being present authentic on the inside and outCheck it out. There’s a lot of information out there about masculine and feminine energy, and it can be quiet misleading and confusing.


Today, we are taking a more real approach as to what is feminine energy (and down the road we’ll touch on masculine energy too of course).


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Around here, are all about being your true authentic self, so today we uncover a few myths about what it means to “be feminine”, as well the problem our culture has created around this idea that women are supposed to be ‘feminine’ and never show any ‘masculine’ energy.



Though we primarily speak to women in this episode, it is not gender specific. Men this is a great episode for you too because you’ll learn how to serve the those closest to you to feel comfortable in their own skin, as well as comfortable in yours.


For starters, if you’re reading this, I certainly hope that means you already know that being feminine in no way, shape, or form means dressing or looking a certain way. Unfortunately, media and entertainment has put so much focus on half naked females seducing men with their looks and lack of clothing that it has created a huge misconception.


What’s most important to know is that there are so many variables in life that affect the side, energy, or filter you use as you go about life and whether you tap into your masculine energy or feminine energy as a man or woman.


The fact is, you have a choice.


Are you going to approach, life, love, your job, family etc with with a more feminine or masculine approach?


What’s fascinating, is that you may see a woman (for example) using with a very “masculine” nature in the workplace, who may actually be exhibiting such behaviors simply because of the environment or cultural expectations, though she is feminine at her core. Likewise, the opposite may be true. You may see a beauty queen who seemingly “looks” the part as deemed by society/media but truly she’s hiding her masculine core.


There are so many factors that go into what shapes our core and what energies we use depending on the situation. Remember to embrace and understand them both. Make it a point to understand where you feel your best, most natural, and most authentic self, so you can easily be tap into that energy to be your best self!


Regardless of whether you are more feminine or masculine, what is most important is that your natural core energy brings out the absolutely most best YOU.


Short on time? Jump to the hot topics:
00:33 – The problem with defining feminine energy
1:23  – Feminine energy examples by comparison
2:05 – 3 pointers for tuning into your feminine/cultivating feminine energy (Men, listen in! This is where you could help create that space for any woman)


One thing to note:
Being feminine is different than being a feminist. You can be both, or neither, or just one.

Both men and women, have feminine and masculine energy. Only one is naturally their core energy. Both must be present to create polarity in relationships.


We are just scratching the surface of what “feminine energy” means, so stay tuned for more information on creating polarity in relationships.

To your success!

Amanda & Jairek Robbins


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