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5 December 2013

Health & Fitness Travel Tips For The Holiday Season!

Jairek Robbins

As we wrap up our stay in Costa Rica and prepare for our 16 day, 7 country Rapid Results Retreat, it couldn’t be a better time for a health and fitness episode of JRCtv. This week we are focusing on creating a healthy and fit lifestyle while traveling. Whether you’re on a cruise ship, on a roadtrip, or in a hotel room somewhere around the world, we are excited to share a few new workout tools to help you stay fit, flexible, and maintain a healthy mindset!

Staying (or becoming)  healthy and fit, like many other things in life, is all about having the right mindset, tools and game plan. So let’s start off by focusing on having the right mindset. Mindset is all about believing you can work out whenever and wherever you are, because it’s true! You can, if you believe it. Next you want to prioritize finding room and making space for fitness in your schedule.

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Along with a powerful mindset you want to have the right tools. Today, we share three excellent workout tools that are lightweight, super easy to travel with and excellent for a workout on the road.

The first one are stretch bands. They are incredible durable, lightweight, and easy to pack. They are pretty inexpensive too! They come with a variety of different options for resistance workout moves as well as stretching techniques.

Another tool we recommend, is a resistance band with handles. You can easily hook these around a door frame, a tree, etc. Resistance bands are great for a variety of different workout routines and can provide more resistance than the stretch bands .

Another must-have on the road, is a travel yoga mat. We purchased the travel yoga mat by Giam which is super thin and lightweight and great for travel!

Lastly, it’s important you have a great game plan in place. While we would all love to have a personal trainer wherever we go, we have the next best thing:

This is a great health, nutrition and workout portal which will provide you with customized workouts. Whether training for a specific event, sport, or just staying in shape is your free online personal training system to help you maximize your healthy and fitness from anywhere in the world.

Now that you have the right mindset in place, some great tools to use, and an awesome game plan to keep you on track, we look forward to seeing your results!!

To your vitality,

Jairek Robbins

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