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27 April 2020

Feeling Stressed? Use These Tips to Get Rid of Stress Today!

Jairek Robbins

Hopefully, you are having an amazing evening, afternoon, or morning wherever in the world you are tuning in from. In starting off the next few series that are going to be on here, I want to reframe things a little bit. 

There’s a lot of chaos, stress, and uncertainty, there’s people trying to figure out how in the world they are going to cope with what’s going on. There’s people trying to figure out if they are going to have a job, people trying to figure out how to connect with someone sitting at home 24/7 and yet they don’t normally sit at home 24/7 with that person.

People are wondering how to take care of their loved ones around them, how to take care of those in need around them that might not have all the access to supplies in order to get them for themselves. 

There’s so much going on in the world today and I want to take time to dive into a series of topics that I believe will be incredibly helpful for you and the ones you love and we are going to start off with probably the most dangerous aspect of all, and that is the amount of stress we are putting on our body.

Mental stress, because there is so much information to try to learn, to try to sort through, to try to figure out. Physical stress because, while a lot of us don’t realize it, but you are probably holding your breath a lot all day, you’re probably not realizing you are so tense in your body and this is causing physical stress in your body.

In addition to that, there is the emotional stress that is coming with this situation. For example, the emotional strain of how to connect with someone 24 hours a day when we aren’t used to spending 24 hours a day with that person. What to do in your business, what to do in your job or what to do with your family, how to handle this kind of situation, how will the people around you be taken care of? 

There’s so much stress, and if we can de-stress your mind and body, if we can let go of all the nonsense that’s kind of surrounding people right now and I put together eight ways that are easy and you can do them anywhere and my hope is number one, you make sure you apply this in your own life and letting the stress go. 

Number two, my hope is that once you are living it, you will turn and find someone you love or care about and share it with them so that they can also get rid of the stress. If you think of that like popcorn, the thing they are afraid of is the disease passing around the world, and why not help de-stress each other? 

You do not have to go and visit them in order to help them de-stress, you just have to share a couple of these tools. I am going to give you ten, I’m seeing lots of them on here like yoga, meditation and so on. Let’s start off with a few and see if they are helpful. They might be things that you hadn’t thought about just yet.

1. Study and Master Your Breathing 

The reason I start with the breath is that physical tension is found in our breath. A lot of times, and I don’t know if this is familiar to you, someone might bring up a topic and in that topic, you will say that you are totally okay with various aspects and even keep repeating that you are okay with it. 

However, the more you say you are okay with something, the more likely it is that you have some issues with it. The best way to know whether something is affecting you more than you realize and it is causing you stress is to get a heart rate monitor. You can get a posh chest wrap or a little something that you put on your finger to monitor your active heart rate.

What you want to do is just sit down, breathe, get a normal heart rate going and then notice when you think of a certain topic or talk about a certain topic, does your heart rate stay the same or does it seem to elevate each time you bring up a certain topic that you supposedly “have no issues with?”

If your heart rate keeps elevating, then your nervous system has something connected to it and you need to learn three things to do with your breathing. If you are connected to it and you need to reset, you need to learn how to let it go or release it from your nervous system. This can be done in three ways.

  1. If you have anything bothering you that you need to let go of, you can do this breathing exercise with me right now. Breathe really slowly through your nose. When you breathe in very slowly and reach the point where you can’t take any more air into your lungs, then hold your breath and force a little more air in. Thereafter, hold your breath and bear down. Squeeze everything like you head, your toes, your face, your shoulders, your arms, everything! Squeeze everything until you count to five and then let it go when you get to five. At that point, open your mouth and collapse your entire body. Just let all that trapped air out all at once. It is very important for you to drop your head and shoulders as you let the air out. Repeat this exercise three times. What’s interesting is that by the time you complete the third time, your heart rate will naturally start to go down. You will notice that your nervous system has undergone a transformation, a reset so to speak. 
  2. The second type of breathing that you need to learn is how to maintain a smooth, relaxed breath. Now, there’s a lot of things that we say you can do throughout the day, such as box breathing to maintain that calm rhythmic breathing. Box breathing entails breathing in to a count of four, hold for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds, hold for another 4 seconds and repeat the process. Another thing that you can do once in the morning and once at night to maintain that calm, centered state throughout the day is to train your body on how to get there. This is really simple; you can download an app called Breathe. It has a circle that is going to get really big as you breathe in and it will get really small when you breathe out. That’s all. Set it for 20 minutes and set the timer for 4 seconds as you breathe in and 8 seconds as you breathe out. Breathe in this way for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. If you do this regularly, you will train your nervous system to get back to a calm state.
  3. The third type of breathing is how to amplify energy into your body. The easiest way to do this is by using another app called XPT (Extreme Performance Training). Download it, go into the free section and find something called “midday energizer.” You can use this to amplify your energy when you need it throughout the day.

2. 10 Minutes of Daily Meditation

We are huge fans of a device called Muse. It is a medical-grade EEG band that goes on your forehead and it is something that you can use to measure your brainwaves so that you know how well you can focus and clear your mind when you sit down to meditate. 

As a grown woman or man, you need to know that in a chaotic and stressful time like this, you are able to focus and clear your mind for at least 10 minutes. If you aren’t able to do this, how in the world will you get anything done? 

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Right now, most of us are constantly distracted because of what’s going on around the world and we need to practice how to focus our mind, how to be laser-focused even while being aware of the chaos.

I’m not saying you ignore or turn off the chaos around you, or even run from it. I’m just saying that can you stay focused even when that chaos is going on around you? You need to be able to practice this.

I recommend that you go get a device called High Performance Muse. Use it during your 10 minutes of meditation each day. It is a great way to train yourself to stay focused each day.

3. Value Being Peaceful and Calm

If you want to feel calm and peaceful during times like these, then this may sound overly simplistic, but you have to value calmness and peacefulness. 

If you don’t value being calm, you are unlikely to work to feel calm. If you don’t value having peace or peace of mind in your life, you are not going to put in the energy and the effort necessary to get there are maintain it. 

You’ve got to value it. You’ve got to sit down and ask yourself why it is important for you to have peace and quiet every day. Why is it important to you to have calm in your life? And what can you do to move closer to that right now? 

4. Flood Your Mind and Body With a Mantra

One of the scariest things that people have to deal with right now are people who are being forced to go home and stay there by themselves.

Now, most of us are thinking, how scary is that? This is the scariest thing that is going to happen to some people, because they will have to deal with themselves 24 hours a day. They will have to deal with the inner critic. They will have to deal with the inner demons and the stuff they don’t even want to think about or feel.

There’s a thing in yoga called the persona; it is the silent retreat. Every person I’ve talked to who has done it sat silent for 7 days doing nothing, reading nothing, listening to nothing, speaking to no one for the entire 7 days and they all agree it was the hardest seven days of their entire lives because of what goes on in the head during that time.

And so we have to practice flooding into ourselves the thoughts that go over those inner demons, the inner critic. We’ve got to listen to what they are saying and then flood into our minds what we need to be hearing right now, what we need to be focusing on and what we need to be feeling.

One way you can do that is by using an affirmation or an incantation. This is a repetitive phrase or mantra that you use over and over again to flood into your mind what you want to become, what you want to be thinking and what you want to be feeling.

Now is the time to come up with a great mantra and start flooding it into your mind and body on a daily basis.

5. Remember You Have Enough

This is the time to do some self-work along the concept of “I am enough, I have enough, I’m loved enough.”

Now let’s just start with “I have enough.” How many people are out there right now scrambling to buy supplies, scrambling to get more or scrambling to hoard so that they know that they have enough to survive whatever is coming? 

The truth is, when I was very little, I used to watch rap videos on TV, and there was this particular one called Hypnotize and I would watch it and wish that if only I could have cars and planes and helicopters and boats and lead a life like those people, then I would be having enough.

I remember I then went and lived in Uganda in a rural farming village where no one had running water, no electricity, no toilets and I was like man, if I could only have the basics then I would be having more than I need in life!

I got sick with malaria and was literally told that I had six days to live and at that point I just said that if I had good health, I had more than enough in life.

I met a friend called Kayla. She was born with cystic fibrosis. This young lady had a double lung transplant. They cut her open, pulled out her lungs, put a new pair in, sewed her up and prayed and hoped till morning that she survives. 

She survived it, came out of it, met a guy, they got married. So many months later, she got these weird seizures and went back to the hospital and they found out that her lungs weren’t working. They told her that why doesn’t she just go home because there was nothing they could do for her.

She went home and wrote 100 letters to 100 hospitals and only four wrote back. Out of those four, one accepted her and they brought her in for a second double lung transplant. 

After having her second double lung transplant, she came home and everything was working. I interviewed her husband and he told me that the biggest smile he’d ever seen from his wife was the day she woke up from that second double lung transplant and wrote on a little board. When she turned that board around, the words “I can breathe” were written on it.  And she said it was the greatest day in life because she could breathe on her own.

After being at home for a while, she had this weird feeling in her chest and when they checked her, they found that her heart was filling with fluid.

She had had a first, and then a second double lung transplant, and she now went in for her first and later second open heart surgery. And I saw the most beautiful little picture of her sitting in the hallway with her chest having stitches running straight through the middle, little tubes sticking right out of her chest draining the fluid from her heart, and she had the biggest smile on her face and her two thumbs up because she was so happy she made it through the procedure.

And in that moment when it comes to the thought of “I have enough” my God, if there was something like a pacemaker or any other device beating in your chest, if you can breathe in and fill your lungs with air on your own volition, my God, you’ve got more than enough!

You’ve got to remind yourself that you have more than enough, especially in this time when people are freaking out and going out to buy more supplies, more food and more stuff as they think that if they just had more then they’d survive!

The truth is, put your hand on your heart and feel a couple of beats, then take a deep breath of air. If those two things are working, you have more than enough and you just have to remind yourself of that each and every day, especially in the midst of chaos, especially when everyone else is freaking out. You’ve got to remember that.

7. Build a Community That Supports Your Choices

If you want to be healthy, and happy, and fulfilled, and alive, and joyful, you’ve got to handpick the community around you, especially at this time. Look around and find out who else is focused on doing good, who else is focused on enjoying their life right now, who else is focused on making the most of this situation and preparing for what’s next, who else is focused and dedicated and committed to staying on track and staying at their best. 

Make friends with those people, check in with them daily, support them, cheer them on, have their back, and ask if they can have yours. Together, you can fortify your little team to support each other through chaotic times like these. Check on each other. Push each other. Hold each other accountable to be your best when everyone else is crumbling.

8. Have Boundaries That Cut Out Drama and Negativity

This is really important because it is how you will fortify your mind. My dad told me many years ago that if your worst enemy comes and pours sugar in your coffee, what happens? Nothing, because you have sugary coffee.

But if your best friend in the world comes and accidentally puts a little poison in your coffee, what happens? You’re dead, even if it was just a tiny drop of poison put there by your best friend. 

Now is the time to fortify your mind. Now is the time to stand guard at the door of your mind. This is where you’ve got to create boundaries. You’ve got to realize that the people you will invite to be on your team are people who are willing to put the goodness in, willing to support you and willing to challenge you to be your best. Keep those people close. 

The ones who are going to put poison in your cup, you’ve got to draw a line and put a boundary. Care for them, think about them, but keep them out of your head so that they don’t poison your cup.

9. Create a Belief System That Has Filters

These filters should keep out everything except the joy that you want to feel. This is where you’ve got to ask powerful questions. Your questions guide your focus, and your focus determines how you feel.

If you’re focused on what’s wrong in your life, that’s how you are going to feel. If you focus on what’s right in your life, you will feel it. So what’s the powerful question you can ask yourself throughout the day to keep your mind focused on what’s right in your life?

One of my favorites is, where is the miracle in this moment? Where is the blessing in this moment? Where is the opportunity right now? Where’s the goodness? Where is the love? Where’s the joy in this? Where’s the fun, where’s the excitement?

Think about what you want to feel and ask your brain, demand of it to find it there and then. And if you keep asking yourself that question, if you keep digging for it, then your brain will find it. Train yourself to go there, train yourself to look for it and make it happen.

Once again, these are just eight little things that you can do right now to get the stress out of your own life, out of your nervous system. Please pass this on, and tag someone who needs to see it. It will be on YouTube in a day or so, but please take one of these tools, put it to use and get the stress out of your mind and body, and then teach someone else you love and care about how to do it for themselves as well.

I’m going to keep going on these series to help support you during these times. So, pay it forward, help some others and ask them to come and tune in each day. God bless, and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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