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12 September 2018

Ep 8 – Amanda Marit – The World Needs More…. Heart

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Amanda Marit

Age: 31 years old

Location: Encinitas, CA

Bio: Amanda is a Soul + Business Coach, guide, and intuitive who has empowered and mentored countless women and female entrepreneurs around the world who are here to serve the world massively, know their worth, + receive abundantly. Through her private 1:1 programs, intensive retreats, and group trainings, she is able to help her clients break free of the limits in the mind and connect to INFINITE possibilities through connection to Divine/Universe/Source. Her superpower is tapping into the unshakable confidence, love, and abundance that is already available within the heart. She believes anything and everything is possible through a blend of energetic alignment + getting fired up to take inspired action!

The world needs more:

1. Heart

2. Passionate people

3. People pursuing their dreams & believing in themselves

WOW factor: My wow factor is being able to passionately express my message in a way that helps inspire others to step into their highest potential. Spending 7 years in Corporate America, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not living life to the fullest. That moment when I started feeling there was something more out there for me was the moment I truly felt alive — possibly even for the first time. The idea of a greater experience sparked an entire life transformation. From Corporate Leadership to helping others tap into their souls power and purpose, my life has done a complete 180 over the last 5 years. The most humbling moments can help shape us into who we are meant to be, as we find out how powerful we TRULY are. The moment in my business when I had 5 whole cents left in my bank account, then went out to have a $20,000 month in my business (which sparked many more of those months following that) was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I could have quit, but the magic was right on the other side. I am SO passionate about teaching this to others who are struggling to grow their missions.

Favorite color: Purple


Key Moments: 

[00:56] – Host Jairek Robbins introduction

[01:03] – Introducing good friend Amanda Marit !

[01:18] – What does the world need more of?

[01:28] – The world needs more hearts

[01:49] – What does that mean to you?

[02:05] – Live so much in the headspace

[02:25] – Lean back and surrender to our hearts

[03:04] – Taking a moment to put the Fears aside

[03:17] – (Headphone Warning) drops the mic

[04:02] – We to tend to navigate with our thoughts

[04:26] – Magic happens in the conversations

[04:50] – How would my heart navigate this?

[05:25] – If your nervous it’s usually because you want to get something out of it

[05:55] – Felt good being in a room wanting to give love to people!

[06:30] – The nerves go away

[07:00] – Everything works out for everyone

[07:24] – What is your WOW factor?

[07:45] – Talk from the heart

[08:28] – What are some of the moments that helped you make that shift?

[08:45] – Leapt without having a safety net, it’s time

[09:14] – Didn’t know how I was going to pay rent next week

[09:25] – Having $0.05 in my bank account!

[09:41] – Surrender to the heart

[10:14] – Who needs me now?

[10:30] – My faith and my trust

[11:15] – Instant shift in my reality

[11:48] – Running out of funds and having bills left

[12:04] – Get into service immediately!

[12:24] – Life sends you a whisper

[12:50] – I’m going to be of service

[13:45] – Moment when you first turn the corner and survived

[14:15] – Crushed your goals

[14:24] – How can I get into my heart, how can I be of service?

[15:45] – Easily go back to my comfort zone

[16:05] – How instantly things can shift when you surrender yourself fully

[16:30] – Who can be benefited from this?

[16:59] – Best way to learn life lessons is from books interviews!

[17:24] – What’s a humbling moment?

[17:40] – Getting into the space of, wow this isn’t working out

[18:30] – Embarrassing things to share with the world

[19:47] – Most of us are interacting with the mask of people that people want you to see

[21:08] – How people show up with money

[21:37] – What’s an Awe inspiring moment?

[22:10] – Being able to see how every single step has gotten me towards me to who I am

[22:38] – Seems kind of surreal the world I created now just based on what I thought was possible to me even just a couple of years ago

[23:30] – I truly am the creator of my life experience

[24:04] – Everything you’ve been through has lead you to the person you are today

[24:20] – Moments of looking around and thinking how did I get here?

[24:57] – What’s your greatest fear ?

[25:11] – Being alone, being vulnerable

[26:50] – Wanting something from the relationship to wanting to give to the relationship

[27:44] – Who values most with what you want to share with them

[28:10] – How do I know if people really want it?

[28:45] – Whiff of his turkey!

[30:09] – Honey you always had a inside of you! You just had to see it!

[30:30] – What are you most excited for in your future?

[30:43] – Ready to serve the masses!

[31:00] – Writing a book and taking the World by storm!

[31:36] – Second segment Nuts and Bolts

[31:57] – Where do you invest most of your time in?

[32:10] – Getting very, very aligned

[33:15] – Spending first portion of my day tapping into my heart

[34:00] – Honor me and support me

[35:10] – Everyday read your mission statement

[35:47] – What are one of your keys to success?

[36:00] – Super intentional and coming from the heart

[36:58] – What’s one actionable tip for the listeners?

[37:10] – Daily quiet meditation

[37:35] – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

[37:43] – Thank you for joining us!

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