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8 March 2019

Ep 69 – Bridgett Burrick Brown – The World Needs More Of… Compassion & less judgement

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Bridgett Burrick Brown

Age: Forever Young 🙂

Location: New York, NY

Bio: Mom. Wife. Model. Writer.

The World Needs More:

1. Less Judgement + More Compassion

Wow factor: My ability to be resilient. Also, if I do something I try and do it right which I think turns into me having a voice that people listen to. I grew up with a sick mother. I lost my parents and older brother in a 2-year time frame while my husband had cancer. I lost 3 pregnancies in a year. 2 of them pretty far along. I had to surrender and heal and DECIDE to create my life how I was going to live it.

Favorite Color: Purple or White

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