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1 March 2019

Ep 66 – Carol-Ann Reid – What The World needs More Of… Spiritual Warriors

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Carol-Ann Reid

Age: 30 years

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Bio: Carol-Ann Reid is an international Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Radio Presenter and Motivational Speaker from the UK. She believes that through self-awareness, a clear vision and collective consciousness, we can each be living the life that we are destined for, and co-create a positive movement around the world. It all starts with you! Having lost her Step Dad to suicide and her best friend to cancer within just 18 months, she found herself with two choices; breakdown and lose herself in the anxiety and guilt, or get up and do whatever it takes to help other people with their mindset and being light into darkness. Carol-Ann now specializes in helping people create a life free from anxiety, lack of self-belief and feeling stuck, by helping to re-create their self-identity and ignite their happiness from within. The “Warrior Within” movement supports those who are ready to step into their power and “Awaken the Warrior Within”. Thus resulting in increasing their happiness, finances, and freedom both physically, spiritually and mentally.

The World Needs More:

1. Authenticity

2. Spiritual Warriors

Wow Factor: My WOW factor is my ability to help people expand their way of thinking and create positive change. A few moments that helped shape it over the years sound painful, they were at the time but I now see them as lessons and I am grateful for the experiences. They were the platform which I needed to fall down on before rebuilding stronger than I was before. I was held against my will in an apartment for 3 days when I was 20, I was made to take drugs and physically assaulted. I had to escape from where I was, which was one of my wake up calls! I began rebuilding my life which leads me to discover the power of self-identity and internal happiness. I lost my stepdad to suicide a few years ago and this opened up my eyes to the power of the mind and the impact our thinking and self-talk has on our lives. This led me to dedicate my career to learning about mindset, neuroscience, spirituality and I became a mindset coach specializing in CBT and NLP. Helping others overcome their negative self-talk, discovering who they truly are and awaken the Warrior Within.

Favorite Color: Yellow

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