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7 September 2018

Ep 6 – Jocelyn Kuhn – The World Needs More… Love + Forgiveness + Saying I’m Sorry

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Jocelyn Kuhn

Age: 32 years old

Location: Portland, OR

Bio: Jocelyn Kuhn is a professional coach, speaker and author with a wealth of experience helping people thrive through life’s most challenging moments. Having been through some pretty significant transitions herself (death, divorce, career transitions, blending a family, etc.), she feels passionate about helping others through what can be a very scary time. As a coach she helps clients to clearly define new and exciting goals and dreams, reframe their story so that it empowers them, and create actionable steps towards achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. She’s studied effective transitions at length and is excited to share her 5 Step process to thrive through any transitions a person may be facing.

What does the world need more of: 

1. Love

2. Forgiveness

What is your WOW factor: My WOW factor is empathy and compassion. I LOVE people and truly care about helping people live more abundant, happier, richer lives. I think the biggest events that have shaped this in me would be the death of my father, going through a tough divorce in my early twenties that I didn’t see as part of my plan, and just being with people and hearing their stories.

Favorite color: Pink

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