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24 December 2018

Ep 52 – Dean & Marci Whalen – The World Needs More of… Truth

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Dean Whalen & Marci Whalen

Age: 36 years

Location: Alberta, Canada

Bio: Dean and Marcie own one of the largest entrepreneurial vetting companies in North America. Through private platforms, they have directly and indirectly helped close to 4000 families earn partnerships with other entrepreneurs within North America, Australia, and New Zealand. They place a mammoth focus on mentoring people in life and that has attributed to them helping hundreds of couples and singles getting debt free, collectively helping others pay off over 60 million dollars of debt. They are parents to 3 beautiful daughters and are excited to have more children.

The World Needs More: More Contribution, Less Consumption

Wow Factor: Too many to include 🙂

Favorite Color: 

Dean- monochrome

Marcie- rose gold

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