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21 December 2018

Ep 51 – Johnny Stone — The World Needs More Of… Finding The GOOD!

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Johnny Stone

Age: 32

Location: San Diego, CA

Bio: Navy Chief, speaker, mentor, and author of Finding Good.

The Worlds Needs More: Kindness, Faith, Love and The will to live the best version of your life each day! 

WOW factor: My ability to find the good in every situation and never give up. I lost my wife/high school sweetheart to stage 4 appendix cancer 2 years ago. The 2nd she was diagnosed we made the promise to each other to find the good in every single day and live life to the absolute best of our abilities and that’s exactly what we did. Then the day before she passed away in my arms she made me promise to continue to find the good in every day, continue to do good things and open my heart up to love again. Check Check Check I’ve done all three and I will never stop. It’s like once all the heartache happened I was born with a whole new set of eyes and an extreme amount of passion to live life, help others and remind the world just how short life really is.

Favorite Color: Red

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