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19 December 2018

Ep 50 – Christy Sanborn + Eva Humber – The World Needs More Of … Better Parents

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Christy Sanborn (41 years young) + Eva Humber (31 years young)

Location: Livingston, NJ


Christy: Hey! My name is Christy Sanborn and I am a full-time Mom, Podcaster, Life Coach, Optimist, and Stylist. I am always on a mission to inspire others and to take on a leadership role every day.

Eva: I am a 31-year-old co-host of the Landing Strip Podcast and it is my goal to share my experiences (good and bad) with others in the hopes that I can help even ONE person have a better day and pass it along to someone else.

The World Needs More:

Christy: I believe the world needs more of people living in the moment and not behind their phones. I believe that a simple hello to a stranger can change someone’s day. I believe that kids need role models. I believe that being humble is one of the best qualities a person can have. I believe in making wishes on birthday candles, and on pennies into fountains. I believe the world needs more people sharing their time, and believes, and affection to others.

Eva: Listening, Kindness, Trust, and Learning

WOW factor: Christy: I am always the person people can count on to give a 100% honest, kind, loving, nonjudgmental opinion on anything.

Eva: Having caught the travel bug at a young age, I was able to travel without fear or expectations and learn about how people live HAPPILY and absorb the differences in cultures and pick out my favorite bits from around the world to apply to my everyday attitude and outlook.

Favorite Color:

Christy: Gray

Eva: Black

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