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14 December 2018

Ep 48 – Gene McNaughton – The World Needs More of… Better Parenting + Understanding Sales Landscape in Business

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Gene McNaughton

Age: 50

Location: Mission Viego, CA

Bio: President of Growthsmart Consulting – a boutique full service consulting firm (Sales, Marketing, and SF.com) serving mid-size and large clients (ie: T-Mobile, Tyco Security, Johnson Controls, Divisions of Panasonic, just to name a few) – every company comes to us because they want to grow faster, better, and smarter

What The World Needs More of:

1. Better Parenting

2. As it relates to Sales/Growth – a solid understanding of today’s buying landscape. We buy differently today, whether we are individuals or businesses. Smart salespeople understand this and have changed the way they go after their market. This includes BOTH sales and marketing approaches. Hardcore selling techniques of the ’80s are taboo today. The market is craving companies/people to teach them how to be better buyers of their products and services.

WOW FACTOR: The major WOW factor is having a track record of record-breaking results where ever I have been. Whether it was with Gateway Computers, Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, or in consulting over 100 companies, my record is consistent, and in most cases, produced all-time records.

Favorite Color: Dark Blue

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