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10 December 2018

Ep 46 – Morgan Fay – The World Needs More of… Nurturing & Healing

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Morgan Fay

Age: 26

Location: Birmingham, U.K.

Bio: Morgan is the author of the book titled ‘Life Without Mum’ a self-help guide, which encourages self-love and self-care for people who have lost their mother. Morgan’s mother passed away when she was a teenager and since then she has always felt in her heart that she wanted to in some way, help and support other people who could relate with such heartbreak. Morgan has the first-hand experience of loss and depression and with her book ‘Life Without Mum’, Morgan creates a safe space for people to heal, relate and express themselves. The book has and is helping people daily. It features her own story, other peoples stories of their own personal loss, strengths and their journey so far in life. It gives helpful tips and ideas for how to self-care and is written in the style of a journal. It truly is a special gem of a book that emits healing and honest comfort. The book is currently available on Amazon, and Morgan also hopes to get the book in stores and local libraries. Morgan is also completing her second book which will be released at the end of this year! Morgan comes from an artistic background, having grown up surrounded by music and the arts, Morgan truly appreciates the magnificent and infinite space of creativity! Morgan creates handmade pieces of bespoke jewelry, more specifically bridal accessories. Morgan currently attends a jewelry course at Inspire in Worcestershire where she learns from her amazing mentor and tutor Jo and plans to further her jewelry expertise after the course finishes. Morgan is a lover of life! Morgan appreciates nature and wholesomeness and has learned a great deal after the loss of her mother especially. Morgan has deep gratitude for life & good people and truly believes in having deep faith in unconditional love. Her faith is what has got her to this point and she’s determined to keep loving, shining and being. If you would like to purchase her book/jewelry or to get in touch, her website is: goldenleafco.co Morgan would love to hear from you! And if you would like some plant-based foodie tips she has some beautiful recipes on her website for you to enjoy too!

The World Needs More: 

1. Nurturing 

2. Healing

WOW Factor: I would say my WOW factor is my resilience and capacity to love! The loss of my mother helped shape me into a resilient young woman. Also experiencing breakthrough moments truly helped shape me to see life with empathy and compassion for all.

Favorite Color: This is not so black & white for me! The colors depend on my mood. I love greens, warm browns, burgundies, and oranges! I love greens and that gold color you see when it glistens through the leaves of an unwavering tree. I love all colors!

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