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19 November 2018

Ep 37 – Chelsea Dinsmore – What The World Needs More of… Mindfulness

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Chelsea Dinsmore

Age: 35

Location: London, United Kingdom

Wow Factor: I have been told that my ability to be open and vulnerable is admirable, but I also know my ability to see beyond what is happening directly in front of me (some say optimism but I think it is just perspective) is inspirational to many in the LYL community and to friends and family. I have always somewhat naturally been able to see the bright side of things but dealing with some tough life circumstances has allowed me to see that life doesn’t always go the way you thought or planned, but when you stop fighting or resisting ‘what is’ there is beauty difference.

What the world needs more of: I believe the world needs more of many things: compassion, connectedness, perspective, etc. But I think it is important to start with where you are and what you can contribute daily… because the way you show up in the world affects (whether you know it or not) every person around you. That’s why at Live Your Legend we focus on finding a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and mindfulness (being less reactive and more intentional) in your own life. Because you cannot control what happens around you, but you can decide how you are going to respond to the things that do. I also believe the world needs to play more. We tend to take things so seriously and it strips the joy out of them, but with the right mindset, we can learn to find opportunities in our obstacles and appreciation even in the midst of pain. Emotions may occur naturally (pain, fear, etc.) but our behavior in response to those emotions is a choice.

Bio: Chelsea Dinsmore runs a personal development website called Live Your Legend that helps people discover how to live their lives with a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and mindfulness. Live Your Legend offers inspiration and education to a community of 127,000+ people through their online tools and courses and they have in-person communities that get together all around the world to provide a sense of like-minded support and accountability. When Chelsea is not helping others live their legend, you will find her teaching barre-based fitness classes, cooking up healthy meals or surfing waves around the world.

Favorite Color: My gut reaction was red but my more mindful reaction would probably be blue.

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