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12 November 2018

Ep 34 – Nastasha McKeon – What The World Needs More Of…Faith, Passion, Love and Kindness

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Nastasha McKeon

Age: 34

Location: San Diego, CA

Wow Factor: Perseverance. My early life set the stage really well for this characteristic! It’s really served me well in all areas of my life. A business coach of mine once explained it like this. Nastasha you amaze me. Most are walking on their path & they run into a wall. It looks impossible to get over and so they pack it in and go home. You see a wall and you attempt to climb it, when that doesn’t work, you try to go around it, when that fails, you blow right through it.” I’ve had a lot of opportunities to call it quits in business especially and instead of calling it when the odds seem stacked against me, I just keep going. I keep pushing through and I get the beauty of seeing what’s on the other side of that wall.

What the world needs more of: Faith (in our own ability to create what we want through the power of the laws of attraction). Passion (for all that we do). Love & kindness. (Towards each other, the planet and ourselves).

Bio: Nastasha is a certified nutritionist and plant-based diet educator holding a certification in plant-based nutrition and holistic nutrition. She is the founder and CEO of Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery. Nastasha’s lifelong passion has been studying the connection of food and how it relates to health. She is a firm believer that—as Hippocrates said—food is medicine and it is her mission in life to teach people how that applies in their lives by educating them and giving them the tools needed to make healthier choices. In her clinical and personal experience, she has seen first hand the impact of diet on disease. She has witnessed the healing powers of food to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, reverse type II diabetes and obesity, as well as relief from depression and many other diseases. Nastasha is a believer in the mind-body connection and encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle to promote overall health and wellness. “Be mindful of what you put in your body, in your mind and with whom you surround yourself.” “Eat food with purpose on purpose, limit stress, meditate, exercise and most importantly always keep a positive mental attitude.” These are a few of her core values and principles for achieving ultimate wellbeing

Favorite Color: Ocean Blue

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