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9 November 2018

Ep 33 – Randy Wallz – What The World Needs More Of… people who love what they do.

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Randy Wallz

Age: 27

Location: Miami, FL

Wow Factor: 2012, car accident reshaped my life. Made me rethink everything I was doing. And now I just focus on living to the fullest, working and creating what makes me happy.

What the world needs more of: We need more people who love what they do. In turn, we will see more happiness.

Bio: Randy Paredes, also known as Randy Wallz was born in Venezuela. At 7 years old he moved to South Florida. Randy has professionally served as a Music Producer, DJ, Composer, Sound Engineer, Radio Announcer, Voice-Over, Characterizing, Dubbing, Presenter, Reporter, Television Producer, Graphic Designer, Visual Audio Editor, Broadcasting Teacher, and Entrepreneur. At 14, Randy started his first company which has managed to bring to life more than 600 events, festivals, and clubs in South Florida. At 17 years old he was the host of his high school morning news and events, graduating with a major in TV production and winning the Award for Best Voice of 2009. He then went on to be a contest winner of Univision’s “Generation 23”. Which led him to work at MIAMI local station Univision 23 and years later in the show “Al Rojo Vivo” in Telemundo. Randy studied Radio / TV Broadcasting in Miami Dade College, Spanish Journalism at the University of Miami, and Sound Engineering at SAE Institute of technology. In 2013 he joined his father Edgar in teaching his broadcasting course his dad, a 40-year professional broadcaster. Today, Randy is a founding member of PangeaFM, PANGEA Academy, PANGEA Plus, PangeaDigitalTV Arrowstein DJ Management, And Vice Marketing Group. Soon to launch PANGEA Clothing brand PangeaON. In April of 2018 during the Latin Billboards Randy also launched his latest radio show and podcast “The Randy Wallz Show” where he interviews singers, songwriters, producers and members of the Latin music industry in order to learn and teach others through their experiences.

Favorite Color: Black and Blue

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