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7 November 2018

Ep 32 – Katelyn G: What The World Needs More Of…Vulnerability!

Jairek Robbins

Name: Katelyn G.

Age: 26

Location: Lakehead, CA

Wow Factor: when I realized (in my meditation classes), that only we can make ourselves feel a certain way. It is not what another does, or doesn’t do, our thoughts create our emotions. We can change them in an instant! I practice this wherever I go, at the grocery store, driving, at school, or at work. Every day there are moments where someone won’t be so kind, overly pushy, or shy. I look at those situations and talk to myself okay what is the underlying emotion that is making you feel a certain way back towards these people. Then I change my thought which will bring me to stability again. I also absorb the love when someone shoots me a smile or a kind gesture, it makes me flourish with added on happiness!

What The World Needs More Of: Vulnerability!

Bio: Long story short, I grew up living two completely different lifestyles with separated parents. Never feeling settled, or safe. I searched in all of the wrong avenues that one could take to find safety and love. One day I decided to change every aspect in my life; my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, & let go to of certain people. I began my journey of self-reflection/growth a couple years ago. I habitually meditate in every form, everywhere in my day to day life. I started this journey because I knew the only way to find happiness and love was to find it inwardly first. I wanted to free myself of past traumas and emotions I held onto which would play out in every situation. I could only evolve if I dug deep inside. I always had wonderful observations & advice I would give to others. I finally realized it should not just be offered I needed to utilize the tools I was sharing. Why follow someone’s guidance if they are not living it once I did that my world became whole. I love life and my mission is to bring any form of comfort to anyone who wishes to receive it.

Color: Purple

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