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31 October 2018

Ep 29 – Micah & Diana LaCerte – What The World Needs More Of… people who BELIEVE in their ability to succeed

Jairek Robbins

Name: Micah & Diana LaCerte

Age: 39 and 41

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

What The World Needs More Of People who BELIEVE in their ability to succeed so that they will tackle and conquer their dreams and goals. This would have a major impact and ripple effect on the world.

Wow Factor: We have a deep passion to see other people transform their lives. It’s why we founded our business Hitch Fit, and it’s why we persist in every challenge that comes up. We are addicted to seeing people transform. The moments that have shaped this drive over the years are seeing person after person and hearing story after story of clients who have succeeded and then tackled so many other things in life that they didn’t know were possible. Every time we hear one of those stories, it makes us want to just keep going and going and make the biggest impact that we can during our time on this earth.

Bios: Fitness power couple Micah and Diana LaCerte are co-owners of Hitch Fit Gym & Hitch Fit Online Personal Training. These entrepreneurs published authors, and World Champion fitness athletes have graced the covers of both fitness magazines and business magazines, and have pursued their mission passionately since 2009. Micah and Diana launched Hitch Fit in the heart of a recession, with a shoestring budget, and a BIG dream to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible. The online personal training business, which they built organically through social media, has spread to 74 countries. Hitch Fit Gym now has 3 locations in the Kansas City area. They along with their Transformation Training team in Kansas City, Missouri, have aided clients locally and globally shed over 350,000 pounds of fat. Hitch Fit will celebrate 10 years of transforming lives in February 2019 and have just launched a new division of the company, Hitch Fit Master Coaching, which will provide workshops and retreats. Micah is a class of 2012 graduate of the HEMP program (Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program). Diana is a Kansas City Business Journal – Women Who Mean Business class of 2015, and Hitch Fit is one of Thinking Bigger Business Media’s Top 25 under 25 Small Businesses in Kansas City. As leaders in the fitness and transformation industry, these two are committed to their mission of “Making the world a more fit and healthy place, one person at a time”. Micah and Diana have been married since 2011 and reside in Kansas City, Missouri. As born again believes in Jesus Christ they feel beyond blessed to fulfill God’s call on their lives by helping others transform

Favorite Color: Micah: Silver Diana: Green

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