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24 October 2018

EP 26 – Ben Freeman – What The World Needs More Of… Truth and Accountability

Jairek Robbins
Guest: Ben Freeman
Age: 41
Location: New York City
Bio: Ben has extensive experience in both the physical and financial commodities markets; he has invested capital across multiple market cycles and transacted commodity products globally. Ben currently runs his own consulting business, Ben Freeman LLC. Ben also founded the commodity merchant business HudsonField to opportunistically acquire and trade physical energy assets. Prior to HudsonField, Ben was the global head of crude oil trading for Goldman Sachs, where he successfully managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio of commodity derivatives and structured transactions, while leading a global trading team across the US, Europe and Asia. At Goldman, Ben successfully helped the firm navigate the commodities franchise business across significant structural changes in the industry, such as the development of e-trading and post-financial crisis banking regulations. Ben started his career as an analyst for Enron Corp in Houston, Texas.
The world needs more:
1. Truth
2. Accountability for those in public positions
Favorite color:  Blue
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