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19 October 2018

EP 24 – Josh Macin – What The World Needs More Of… Authenticity, Vulnerability and Truth!

Jairek Robbins
Guest: Josh Macin


Age: 29


Location: Berkeley CA


Bio: Josh Macin was the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and the 2012 Pan-American champion. Suddenly, in October of 2013, he began to experience debilitating panic attacks, suicidal despair, and gut-wrenching anxiety. After pharmaceutical drugs provided no relief, he found himself on a hero’s journey – traveling to the corners of the earth experimenting with some of the world’s most powerful hallucinogens. When neither ayahuasca, float tanks, fasting, meditation, colon cleaning, nor yoga could provide him with relief he began to lose faith. In a surreal sequence of events that transpired three years after beginning the journey, he found out about heavy metal poisoning and started a comprehensive detoxification protocol. Now, alive and well to tell the tale, Josh has created – a company devoted to helping people overcome toxicity.


The world needs more:
1.  Authenticity
2.  Vulnerability
3.  Truth


Wow Factor: Compassion, authenticity, realness. My illness helped me become more real and shed the layers.


Favorite color: Blue
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