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12 October 2018

Ep 21 – Dean Jacobs – The World Needs More… Connection + Engagement + Action

Jairek Robbins



Guest: Dean Jacobs

Age: 56

Location: Nebraska

Bio: Quit a successful job and sold the house to follow a dream. Everyone thought he was crazy. After exploring 58 countries, an ordinary guy from Nebraska has gained a perspective and wisdom that is helpful to others. His passion is to remind students, dreams are not for special people, they are for everyone. We are not here to go through the motions of life, but to live a life of wonder.

The World Needs More: 

1. Connection to the things that matter.

2. More attention to the things that bring us joy.

3. More action on the things that make the world better.

Wow Factor: The world is far more kind, beautiful and generous then what it is given credit for. My journeys are filled with experiences that prove this to be true. From watching the sun go down and change colors on the face of Mount Everest, to being within an arms reach of a 450 lb mountain gorilla, to having my bus fare paid by locals in Sudan. Life is filled with moments of wonder.

Favorite Color: Blue, for big open skies and horizons to go explore.

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