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26 September 2018

Ep 14 – Niyi Sobo – The World Needs More… People Guiding People to Reality

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Niyi Sobo

Age: 33 years old

Location: Portland, OR

Bio: Former nfl running back, former firefighter, current peak mindset consultant , podcaster and entrepreneur. Father of 5, husband.

The world needs more:

1. More thugs- more fealresss leaders willing to disrupt the status quo to establish new realities for people and improve the world

2. People guiding people to reality

WOW factor: My wow factor is my self reliance- I love being alone, I deal well with pain and I am independent. Being the 3rd of 4 boys helped, and not getting the love I needed from mom and pops. Having my son at a young age taught me to be responsible and self reliant at a young age. Quitting my job as a firefighter and building my business with very little help reinforced my independence.

Favorite Color: Red

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