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6 February 2018

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: 5 Ways to strengthen your EQ.

Jairek Robbins


Why is emotional intelligence important? Well, let’s check in.


Are you a leader at work?


Are you A Parent. A Spouse, A Partner, A Friend?


Do you believe that how you are showing up in the world is important?


Do you want how you are showing up in the world to yield positive and impactful results? If you answered YES to all or some of these, then emotional awareness is key in all your relationships.


Today we are sharing with you 5 tips to build up your emotional EQ!


So where do we start?


Well the first step to being emotionally intelligent is know where you currently are.

  1. Self Awareness – Once you have awareness, you are able to move on to the next steps. Are you able to rate yourself? Have you asked for feedback from those around you?
  2. Self Regulation – Mastering this area helps you make better decisions, act with integrity and regulate your actions.
  3. Motivation – What motivates you? What causes you to keep going when other people might quit. So learning how to keep yourself inspired and motivated to keep going. What is your internal reasoning?


Check out  a full breakdown of all these tips and get the other 2 tips by joining the conversation! Click Below



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To Your Success!


Jairek Robbins


Tools mentioned in this weeks episode – MUSE  and  SPIRE.





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