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20 March 2012

Dream(s) + Action = Creating A New Reality!

Jairek Robbins

Have you ever crossed paths with a person (or been a person) who says “I’ve got the next million- , billion-, trillion- dollar idea?”. I know I have been that person, and have meant tons of them through out my business ventures and life.

They have an idea they are excited about, something they know will make a positive difference in the world, can possibly help change peoples lives for the better or even just add a ton more fun to life!

Most of these people will face 4 massive obstacle on their way to actualizing that dream..


#2- External Criticism

#3- Internal Criticism (Friends, Family or loved ones)

#4- Self-Criticism

Here are a few key’s to remember in overcoming these 4 obstacles…

1. Always remind yourself that god/the universe/mother nature will send you obstacles mainly to see if you are actually 100% committed or if you are just hopping it all turns out right. The goal of an obstacle is for you to grow and become stronger!

2. Your family and friends love you and are secretly afraid that if you “hit it big” that you will expect them to step up in life (not all of them want to do this). The key here is to inspire them to action as well, invite them to be a part of it or just take their comments as great inspiration for you to “prove them right or wrong”.

Sly stalone made a list of all the reasons people told him that he would never make it and he read them aloud the night he won the oscar for the film “Rocky”.

3. Some of the greatest people in history have been mocked, told they would never make it, failed time and time again… but when they finally figured it out… BAMM they changed history forever! use these people as your role models and examples to inspire yourself daily to stay on track!

Finally here is a video recently posted by Virgin Galactic with Sir. Richard Branson talking about his dream…



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