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2 October 2013

Don’t Stop Believing, Don’t Get Shut Down, Live Your Dreams – JUST DO IT! – JRCTv

Jairek Robbins

Hey There!

This week on JRCTv we are talking about keeping your DREAMS alive!

So often we face moments in life that cause our entire destiny to shift. The decisions we make in those moments will literally determine the next 5, 10 or even 20+ years of our lives.

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The cool part is (many times) WE get to make the decision, the not so cool part is we are often swayed by our friends, families and community to make the “right”, “responsible”, “intelligent”…etc. decision.

Now, I agree that we all do have to “grow up” at some point. Yet, I DO NOT believe that we are meant to just get plugged into a system and do what everyone else does.

Today, we are focused on some of those old dreams you may have been talked out of, the things that you REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to do.

The ones you felt in your heart and soul that was literally MADE FOR YOU. Those dreams that no matter how big or small still are inside of you crying out for you to FINALLY get the guts to go out their and live them!

Well watch todays episode and find out how to BRING YOUR DREAMS BACK TO LIFE! 


[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b49E8cWeQPg” width=”550″ height=”340″]

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