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29 March 2012

Do You Realize How Gifted You Really Are?

Jairek Robbins

In having the opportunity to travel the globe and connect with people from every walk of life… literally living in a rural village in Uganda, doing Semester At Sea and visiting 10 countries in 100 days while circumnavigating the globe on a ship I’ve had the gift to be able to spend time get to know people living in every type of circumstance you could imagine.

The one consistent factor I have seen no matter where people came from, where they are growing up or where they have made it to in life… ALL of us have been blessed with gifts!

The gift of caring, singing, listening, being great friends, the ability to learn rapidly…etc.

What is really interesting is that most of us do not even take time to acknowledge the gifts that we have. Most of us do not even consider them gifts, talents or “special abilities” at all, we just think that everyone has the ability to do what we do and that “its not big deal”.

Here is a great clip from “Britain’s Got Talent” where two young people who decided to step up and go try out for the show together… It is beautiful to see how much they believe in each other. (Their singing teacher was the person who took the time to recognize their talent and was the catalyst to get them to do something with it!)

I challenge you to take a moment today and look for someone to recognize for their simple, profound, unique, or just awesome gift/talent and acknowledge them for it… you never know what a difference it might make 🙂

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZsNlcr4frs4″]

Thoughts to consider:

What gifts have you been blessed with?

What talents or abilities do you have that you haven’t taken time to realize how special/unique they really are?

How can you use the gifts you have been blessed in a way that will both help you grow as well as inspire others to do the same?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please leave your comments below or join in on the conversation via Facebook!

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