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2 April 2012

Do you “Power Pose” – Harvard study on Time.com shows…

Jairek Robbins

Do you “Power Pose” often?

You are probably thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A POWER POSE??? I know I was when I first had a friend send me a video from Time.com talking about a Harvard Study that suggest those who power pose are perceived to be more powerful and confident.

I LOVE studies like this to give some great scientific evidence to back up what I know to be “State Management”- your ability to control your emotional state at any given moment.

check out what the Harvard study has to say about it…

I thought I’d share another worksheet from my “Rapid Results Formula” online coaching (www.MyRapidRestults.com) program for you to learn a few tips on specific ways to move your body that can convey a powerful message to those around you…

Here is a copy of the worksheet on “Body Language” (simple yet effective) BODY LANGUAGE WORKSHEET

Thoughts to consider:

1. Become conscious of how you are moving your body throughout the day… are you consistently moving powerfully and confidently or do you find yourself sitting in positions that are disempowering?

2. Once you become aware of your natural tendencies (i.e. slouching down in front of your computer screen all day, nervously hunched over, or constantly looking down at your phone) make a new decision to consistently adjust your body into more powerful and confident set of positions.

3. Measure and see how this simple adjustment will make a massive difference in how you mentally, and emotionally feel over time.

Simple solutions are the BEST!


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