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6 June 2012

Do YOU live in the Past, Present or Future??

Jairek Robbins

After spending the last month in 9 different countries experiencing the world to the fullest I can share with you that there is 100% a different “way of life” that occurs in all the different regions of the world…

From time to time I will hear friends tell me that the “pace of life” is so “go go go…” all the time and that they would LOVE to move to a place like Spain, Central America or Italy “where people actually take time to enjoy life”.

I never had a way of understanding the difference in values and focus that exists between people in these different regions… UNTIL i found this video today…

check it out…

Something to think about…

Are you Past, Present or Future oriented?

How is this currently affecting your life? your family? your health? how you feel everyday?

If you are one of those people that feels “lonely”… what do you think would happen if you decided to start creating a family dinner (if you are not close to your family, maybe invite friends over a few times a week to have a “friendly” dinner) a few times a week??

In your “ideal day” what would your focus be and how would you live your life?? How much time would you be spending with those you love most?

PS: I highly recommend you take the time to download the idea day design kit and create your vision for your absolute ideal day… you can get a free copy at

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