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So you’ve made it through this 4-part journey With me! Have you been playing full out? Have you taken time to create your… Wealth Vision (5, 10, 20 yrs) Vision Board Design your Ideal Day Have you applied the 2 wealth principles that we Talked about in the first e-mail? Make the most of all […]

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9 August 2011

So you are half way through the Rapid Results Wealth Series… What do you think?   Hopefully you have gathered some tools, insights and strategies around wealth and started to apply them to your life!   This next step is all about DREAMING BIG!   If I were to ask you… In the next 5 […]

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8 August 2011

Part 2 …   Welcome back! So did you take a moment and ask yourself to see if you are (honestly) applying the two wealth philosophies that we talked about in your life to the fullest extent possible?   If you are CONGRATULATIONS!   If you are not… WHY NOT? What would have to happen […]

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6 August 2011

  I am excited to share with you a simple 4-Part System that will help you create an ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE mindset!   Before we go to far into this I'd ask you to first watch this video of me describing a few examples of people who are UNBELIEVABLY WEALTHY and some of the strategies I […]

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5 August 2011

Welcome to the OFFICIAL medal ceremony from the 2011 Rock’n’Roll marathon!! YouTube Video Again I just wanted to take a moment and THANK all of you who decided to support me and in the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon! Here is a bit more about the organization… ******** SIDE NOTE ******** Make sure to read […]

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7 June 2011

YouTube Video Sooo…. what bridges in your life are the ones to burn!? Well here are my thoughts… 1. Take a moment and comb through all of the MAJOR commitments currently in your life… 2. Gage 0-10 the level of commitment you had when you first started… 3. Gage 0-10 the CURRENT level of commitment […]

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14 May 2011
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