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Just like a baby is almost entirely dependent on its mother for the first stages of its life, so is a new business dependent on the personal attributes of its founder during the first couple of years of its existence. Obviously, each entrepreneur brings to the table a given set of strengths upon which the […]

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24 May 2022

Many businesses that are started struggle through the initial stages, grow and enjoy some success, and then fade into oblivion as new competitors emerge and sweep them in the dust. However, some businesses maintain their position at the top not just for years but for decades. What causes this difference so that some firms appear […]

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10 May 2022

If you haven’t yet started looking at LinkedIn as a powerful social network to build and nurture powerful business relationships, here are a few statistics to drive home the importance of this platform; for starters, did you know that more than 13 million owners of small businesses are on the platform? Did you know that […]

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26 April 2022

With the pandemic beginning to show signs of coming to an end, it is time for us to take a closer look at the ruins that have been left behind, the most significant being the impact on mental health. The loss of loved ones, the uncertainty about what is coming next, and the loss/disruption to […]

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12 April 2022

Many people think that having technical skills and a high IQ will put them on a firm footing to business success. While those two competences are important, they pale in importance when compared to the value of emotional intelligence in entrepreneurship. But, what is emotional intelligence and of what importance is it in entrepreneurship? The […]

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15 March 2022

You are excited that you finally have a chance to bring your brilliant business idea to life. You have a plan detailing the product or service, and you even have an idea about the ideal location for your new business. But wait a minute; what will you call your brand? The challenge of creating a […]

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1 March 2022
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