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If you are just starting out on your coaching journey, you may be wondering what it would take for you to get celebrities as coaching clients. What other way to learn how it is done other than by taking lessons from someone who has an extensive roster of A-Listers as clients? In this post, we […]

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26 October 2021

From the time Howard Dresner first came up with the term “business intelligence” back in 1989 to refer to the data analysis techniques and tools businesses can use to support their processes of making decisions, the technology has come a long way and appears to be making its way into more and more businesses. This […]

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19 October 2021

This is the 5th episode in a 9-part series exploring the answers I got when I asked several clients of mine about the one thing which made them grow their business to its first million dollars in annual profit.  The client featured in this fifth episode had this to say, “If I had to narrow […]

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7 September 2021

According to the latest statistics, the vast majority of small businesses offer services. This includes accounting firms, dental clinics, law firms, engineering firms, and so many others. In essence, these businesses sell time, rather than a tangible product. The problem is, time is a limited source and there is only so much you can do […]

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24 August 2021

2020 was the year in which social media exploded, reaching a record-setting 3.5 billion active users. Businesses were also forced by the stay-at-home orders and the need for social distancing to close their brick and mortar outlets in favor of going online. At the moment, there is stiff competition for the attention of social media […]

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10 August 2021

Now that the pandemic-containment measures have largely been eased and people are beginning to move outdoors, you may be wondering which business trends are likely to shape up during this summer and possibly beyond. We share with you our take on the trends we see gathering steam. Could influencers be losing their influence? Another trend […]

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27 July 2021
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