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    There are few things that pain me more than seeing someone in deep emotional pain. Whether it’s something that has happened to them recently or 20 years ago, seeing someone bear the burden of carrying emotional baggage weighs heavy on my heart..  So today, if you or someone you know is living with the […]

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21 March 2017

Before Amanda, my morning routine was simple. Wake up, go workout, eat breakfast, tackle the days’ goals, go to yoga, read and relax. Since Amanda came into my life, there is this crucial, and I mean CRUCIAL 5 minutes that we must share in the morning. Download Today’s Worksheet! It’s an absolute game-changer for her […]

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14 March 2017

    Are you rich if you are a slave to your business?   Are you smart if you’ve built a business that only runs when you’re working creating massive pressure to always be “on”?   Are you successful if you’ve made tons of money but on your death bed, because you let this one […]

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7 February 2017
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