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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon wherever in the world you are tuning in from! We have a very interesting topic to chat about today. It is a topic many of us probably have inklings of from time to time, a topic that is a lot of times hard to admit when you have it, […]

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29 June 2021

The purpose of this exercise is to see if you can pull at least $3,000 to even €300,000 as net profit into your business. We realize that a lot of people around the world have been going through some pretty crazy time in the last year or so, and we want to help you put […]

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15 June 2021

Sam Demma of the High Performing Student podcast recently hosted Jairek Robbins during a live session. We bring you the highlights. What are the major categories in life and why should we focus on them? People have their priorities in life, and everyone will have to figure out what’s most important to them. That said, […]

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16 February 2021

Guest: Tara Mackey Age: 32 years young Location: San Diego, CA Bio: Tara Mackey is the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, a successful holistic and sustainable living platform, and is a widely recognized activist with a tribe of over 1 million followers on her blog and social media. She founded the organic skincare company […]

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22 May 2019

Guest: Antonio Ciraco Age: 31 years Location: Tampa, FL Bio: My name is Antonio Ciraco and I am a Sales Professional for one of the Nations largest Mercedes Benz Dealerships. I’m 31 years young and full of life! I absolutely love living life on the edge and love to take risks! I believe I am extremely […]

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18 January 2019

Name: Katelyn G. Age: 26 Location: Lakehead, CA Wow Factor: when I realized (in my meditation classes), that only we can make ourselves feel a certain way. It is not what another does, or doesn’t do, our thoughts create our emotions. We can change them in an instant! I practice this wherever I go, at the grocery store, […]

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7 November 2018
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