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27 November 2021

Business Growth Tip – Five ways to generate new referrals this week!

Jairek Robbins

How would you run your business if 100% of your future growth depended on referrals?
I bet it would be a lot different.

If you were dependent on referrals, I am sure you would make every client experience stellar and hope they rave about your work to their friends and family.

Key Concept: If referrals determined 100% of your future growth, then you would work very hard to treat your current clients like gold so they will go out and refer new clients to you!


Doing just five things could increase the number of referrals you get this week! I’m not talking about next week; I mean this week!

Appreciate – Say Thank you.

Take time to say thank you for choosing to do business with you. Let them know that you appreciate them choosing you. You appreciate them believing in your product/service, and out of all the options in the world – they decided to go with you – and you appreciate them for making that decision.

You will be amazed at the referrals that come out of a short thank-you.

When you are appreciative, it lets your clients know that they are important to you. When they see the opportunity to help someone they care about feel important, they will send them to you! It gives them the chance to pay forward the feeling you’ve helped them to experience.

Care – Check-in on them

Each day, make it a point to pick 10 of your favorite clients and send them a quick text or message checking in on them. Ask how they are feeling? What are they working on? and let them know that you are here for them!

When you take time to care, it reminds that that they matter to you beyond just the business relationship you have with them.

People are more likely to refer someone to a business that cares about them than someone who doesn’t care beyond the transaction.

Assist – Help them solve a challenge

Create a time budget that you can invest into assisting your clients each week. Purposefully set aside 10 or 20 min each week that you can gift to a client struggling to solve a significant challenge in their life or business.

The reason you budget this time is so that it is not an unexpected detour from your schedule instead of a planned chunk of time that you can gift to someone in a moment of need.

When you are there for them when it matters most, it will be the thing they share with others when they explain how they navigated those difficult times. AND you will be the business they send referrals to when their friends are faced with similar challenges.

Laugh – Send them a funny meme

Laughing will bring fun and joy into your business! And when you are laughing with someone, they feel good about doing business with you.

Each week, send a funny gif or meme to your clients in a text. When you laugh with someone, their heart responds favorably – they feel connected to you and may even want to share what makes them laugh with others! Aka a referral.

Inspire – Remind them that you believe in them

In a text or email, take time to let them know that you believe in their ability to create what they want.

Challenging times can test a person’s faith in their abilities. Reminding someone that you believe in them can help to restore that faith and inspire them to have the courage to continue forging through the challenges.

A couple of moments of your time can mean a world of difference to your client.

Now ask yourself this question – What can you do to implement just one of these strategies this week?
Then take ten minutes to pick just one strategy and take action! Make it a point to implement that change before next week so that your clients have the opportunity to experience the effect of that change this week!

That’s it! It doesn’t take much.

Suppose you implement just five strategies within a few weeks. In that case, you will see an increase in referrals coming your way – and if you want to shift clients into referring their friends and family to you – make sure they share what is working for them because that will inspire other people to feel good about doing business with you.

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