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This is a simple and beautiful example of a man who decided to step up and serve his community…     My favorite part of that story is the fact that in serving the community around him, his own personal life has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness! Take a moment and […]

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13 October 2012

Just taking a moment to share with you a simple reflection of the last few years of my life and what three principles I used to create some Rapid Results in my life and business! Enjoy!  

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20 August 2012

So I sat down and was taking a quick browse through all of my crazy/fun adventure photos and videos from the last few months and decided it would be fun to make a quick re-cap video to share with ya’ll… Check it out… So I have a couple questions for you?? Are you LIVING YOUR […]

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9 August 2012

For all the FOODIES out there… Enjoy… Cuisines around the globe… EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo. If you would like to experience this, JOIN US on the Its a 10 Country, 25 Day VACATION WITH A PURPOSE!

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5 August 2012

As I was preparing to compete in my very first Triathlon this morning I was going through a series of inspirational videos online to inspire myself to work hard, stay focused and push myself to my limits…

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23 July 2012

A good friend just sent me a video that reminded me of the INCREDIBLE and AMAZING experiences that are waiting for all of us around the globe!! I remember my very first 100 Day, 10 Country Voyage of discovery… it was by far one of the most incredible trips of my ENTIRE LIFE! It opened […]

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20 July 2012
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