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Sooooo this has been an EXCITING journey so far! We started out at the temple in Thailand learning that we MUST Live Our Passion Daily! Then we ventured down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, exploring the canals, and learning Step #2 – That we MUST add MASSIVE VALUE to the community around us through living […]

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3 January 2013

So… Hope you enjoyed the lesson in part 1! I am sure a few of you thought “DUH! of course I want to be living my PASSION everyday… BUT HOW!?” or others might have the thought “Yes I am PASSIONATE about _______X________ (Dancing, Singing, Teaching, Learning, Being an amazing mom/dad, travel…etc.) BUT how in the […]

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6 December 2012

Hi All! I am VERY EXCITED to share with you Step #1 of what I call “The Foundational Freedom Formula” This formula was designed to assist people in living with all call the life style of the “New Rich” (and usually not famous). It is the life style that is designed to help you start […]

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4 December 2012

What if… Are you BOLD enough to chase your DREAMS!? To STAND UP for what you BELIEVE in!? To fully LIVE your life and fill your days continuously in a way that you’d be proud and content to die tomorrow!?   What would YOU like to do if money was no object? How would you […]

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24 November 2012

Have you ever wondered why some people… Are constantly filled with JOY, HAPPINESS, PASSION, LOVE, FULFILMENT… and others seem to feel empty, lost and unfulfilled…. Ever had a moment where you were felt lost? Felt like nothing was working in your life? well this TED TALK: The power of vulnerability, has a beautiful (and simple) […]

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1 November 2012

Just wanted to share with you a few insights that popped up in my life over the last few weeks…   Questions to consider… 1. What do you value MOST in your life? 2. Based on your ACTIONS what have you valued most over the last 12 months? 3. What would you like your values […]

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29 October 2012
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