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  I am excited to share with you a simple 4-Part System that will help you create an ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE mindset!   Before we go to far into this I'd ask you to first watch this video of me describing a few examples of people who are UNBELIEVABLY WEALTHY and some of the strategies I […]

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5 August 2011

Welcome to the OFFICIAL medal ceremony from the 2011 Rock’n’Roll marathon!! YouTube Video Again I just wanted to take a moment and THANK all of you who decided to support me and JustLikeMyChild.org in the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon! Here is a bit more about the organization… ******** SIDE NOTE ******** Make sure to read […]

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7 June 2011

YouTube Video Sooo…. what bridges in your life are the ones to burn!? Well here are my thoughts… 1. Take a moment and comb through all of the MAJOR commitments currently in your life… 2. Gage 0-10 the level of commitment you had when you first started… 3. Gage 0-10 the CURRENT level of commitment […]

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14 May 2011

YouTube Video As mentioned in the video this machine is INCREDIBLE!! If you are in San Diego go to www.successwellnesssd.com and check out the “Bio-Density” machine. I watched the stats of my dad using this machine for only 5 seconds per week (on his leg-press, 20 seconds total for the 4 different exercises) and over […]

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4 May 2011

YouTube Video After watching the video, consider the following… What if for the next 7-10 days you made it your personal goal to LET GO and experience the beauty of your life!! Yes, I mean stop resisting, fearing, doubting, fighting against all the “things, events, people” in your life and start to finally actually enjoy […]

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14 April 2011

YouTube Video Who ever said #’s cannot hurt you was WRONG! There are 3 set’s of digits that you ABSOLUTELY want to know. Especially when it comes to PEAK PERFORMANCE. So what are these “Vital Numbers”? Before I share with you the simple formula to define your personal numbers. Let me give you some insight […]

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12 April 2011
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