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Yes, I am still on LOVING every ounce of the TED videos… I have made it a goal to watch at least 1-TED.com video each night for 30 days! 🙂 The idea came from this video… Matt Cutt gives talks about how he literally was able to add more fun, excitement, joy, creativity and LASTING […]

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22 March 2012

Have you ever crossed paths with a person (or been a person) who says “I’ve got the next million- , billion-, trillion- dollar idea?”. I know I have been that person, and have meant tons of them through out my business ventures and life…

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20 March 2012

I was thinking last night about what I have literally “fed my mind” over the past 48 hours. My assumption was that I had been feeding my mind positive, empowering and insightful thoughts and ideas. So I decided to use one of my own tools and track for 1 day what I was actually feeding […]

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19 March 2012

I am HOOKED on these TED videos… just ran across another one today that really got me thinking. These days (if you are like me) we spend so much time on the go, from one project to the next always moving. In the spare moments we fill it with dinners, friends, calls and conversations… rarely […]

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15 March 2012

I was just talking to a friend today who was talking about her struggles with a client who was choosing the quick fix/easy route vs. doing what it takes to actually get the results she desires. The interesting part was that my first thought is that she needs someone who is able to influence her […]

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14 March 2012

You can change your life in a SINGLE MOMENT… you just have to DECIDE to and get 100% committed to making the shift… That moment you have decided and committed you just need to start taking consistent daily actions! No matter if it seems like it is working or not… just keep taking the daily […]

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12 March 2012
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