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 Join me this week as we talk to Croix Sather (this guy ran across AMERICA on FOOT, Broke a WORLD RECORD, wrote 4 books…etc.) he is basically AMAZING and is going to tell you how to be as well 🙂 In this weeks episode of JRCTv we talked with Croix Sather on the topic of […]

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31 July 2013

HOWDY!! I am curious… What do you do when things do not go as planned? In life, I hate the be the one to have to break this to you…but… at some point things are not going to turn out EXACTLY the way you want them to. I know I know… its a bit shocking! […]

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17 July 2013

WELCOME BACK!! Quick Question… does this happen to you?? Each morning when you wake, if you are like most people, you are immediately attacked by the demands of the world. It usually comes in a variety of forms including text, voice mails, e-mails and in person demands. The crazy part is, many times, this happens […]

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10 July 2013

  Oh Hey! Do you find yourself looking for LOVE in all the WRONG places?! Ever catch yourself asking… Where do I find love? How do I find love? Are they out there? Is there a “ONE” waiting or searching for me? Today we focus on helping YOU identify EXACTLY where to find the LOVE […]

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3 July 2013

Welcome back!! In todays episode of JRCTv we are focused on helping you INCREASE your RESULTS daily! There are TONS of ways to do this… the simplest and consistently effective way to do so is… drum roll!! Taking time to reflect on the great moments, lessons and experiences… Captureing all of the lessons from the […]

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25 June 2013

Do you often procrastinate and push back doing the things you “know” you need to do? Have you ever found yourself reading a good book, attending a seminar or sitting through a lecture thinking “DUH, I know this…” ?? Well you seem to know it cognitively (meaning you understand the mental concept), but are you […]

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18 June 2013
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