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WELCOME BACK! Today’s exercise is focused on the difference between a feeling of absolute fulfillment and that ugly, empty, sad, dark, lonely feeling of un-fulfillment. Whether you feel like this most of the time, or just on certain occasions, there’s a super simple, yet VERY powerful tip on how to live a life feeling fulfilled! […]

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6 November 2013

  WELCOME BACK! Today we are going to be focused on those moments in life when things don’t seem to go as planned, when sh*t hits the fan or all hell breaks loose! SEE ALSO: Are YOU ready to kick procrastination to the curb? In those moments, inevitably, unwelcomed guests (namely: stress, tension, and anxiety) […]

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1 November 2013

 On today’s episode of JRCtv, We will share with you incredibly powerful insight on woman and how to love them even more than we already do!! Specifically, we will cover why women need to “vent” and how you can truly be their hero when they do. SEE ALSO: The Best Relationship Advice Experts FAIL To […]

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23 October 2013

Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv. This episode is going to be a bit different than all the others. Generally, I share with you my formula, steps or advice on a specific topic or idea. SEE ALSO: 3 Steps to – Find Your Purpose, Add Massive Value & Get … Today I am going […]

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16 October 2013

Welcome back to another episode of JRCTv. Today we are helping you take a step forward on your journey to living a life filled with PASSION & PURPOSE! The type of life where you wake up feeling excited about the day that is about to unfold. SEE ALSO: Looking to Increase Your RESULTS Daily!? – […]

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11 October 2013

Hey There! This week on JRCTv we are talking about keeping your DREAMS alive! So often we face moments in life that cause our entire destiny to shift. The decisions we make in those moments will literally determine the next 5, 10 or even 20+ years of our lives. SEE ALSO: The BEST Total Transformation Workout […]

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2 October 2013
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