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Had a good friend call me this morning (about to go on National Television) a bit freaked out…looking for some guidance on how to “get her results” back on track! She is a kick ass business woman who has produced some phenomenal RESULTS in her life. Over the past few weeks she has been “freaking […]

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5 March 2011

After finishing yoga this morning I stopped by my favorite juice stop and picked up a fresh veggie juice (beets, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and apple) it taste amazing and is incredibly good for your body and overall health! Watching the people across the parking lot stuff their face with food that is horrible for them […]

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26 February 2011

I was out on my daily run feeling EXCITED and PASSIONATE about starting my day… When I realized that there are very specific activities I do just about every morning to ensure I start my day in a powerful mental and emotional state! I have 3 questions for you to consider…(watch below)   YouTube Video […]

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24 February 2011

Flying back home from an AMAZING weekend in the Bahamas and was pondering on the thought… What does “home” really mean!? I’ve had the privilege of living all over the world… NY, Boston, Atlanta, Irvine, Los Angeles, Tampa, even the MV Explorer (40,000 ton cruise ship, for 3 months), Kangulamira (a rural village in Uganda) […]

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23 February 2011

Live from Miami, FL. I just wanted to reach out and connect… My goal is to upload videos daily/weekly focused on assisting you to create BIGGER and BETTER RESULTS in your life and business! YouTube Video Excited to read your feedback! Join in on the discussion via facebook (My Facebook Page ) Have and INCREDIBLE […]

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22 February 2011

Over the last few years I have had an incredible privilege to travel the world speaking to various groups. Groups ranging from BNI networkers to large audiences of 1,000+ at a local or national convention. Where ever I go there always seems to be other coaches in attendance… they are either life coaches, or health coaches, or executive coaches… regardless of what “type” of coach they are there are some very similar patterns that you see in the ones who are unbelievably successful and clearly defined patterns in the ones you see that are struggling immensely… Struggling not only to stay congruent with the message they teach and tools they share with their clients, but also struggling financially and in their business.

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16 November 2010
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