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26 February 2014

Are You A TRUE Leader?? Meet Dawn – She is!

Jairek Robbins

Today we are focused on leadership. 

One of my favorite topics as it takes true courage and compassion to be a leader!


While anyone can say they are a leader, the true test of leadership is that of your ACTIONS speaking far greater than your WORDS. A leader doesn’t necessarily mean you have earned all bragging rights, marketing or media spotlight. Leadership is when you step up and deliver when no one else would. We all have the ability to step up and become a leader. It’s up to you to start taking action.

Remember this: It is what you do when no one is looking that determines who you truly are.

What do I mean? Here’s an example. During our Kindness Loves Company road trip we met a TRUE leader. Her name was Dawn. Dawn is a beautiful woman who helps manage 4+ ministries at RAM church in Las Vegas, NV., but it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning, Dawn didn’t even want to go to church. After a change of heart, she found herself in the back row of the church hiding from the pastor to avoid any possible attention. After the service, people would often get up, say their goodbye’s and head off to Sunday brunch. Though she wanted to leave as soon as possible (church “wasn’t really her thing at first”), Dawn noticed a bit of trash left on the floor and felt compelled to pick it up and throw it away. Week after week she would do this, and if the garbage was full, which is often was, she proceeded to tie it up and take it out.

After hiding in the back row of the church and quietly cleaning up after every service for weeks, she soon realized that her leadership was far from unrecognized no matter how quiet she tried to be! The pastor called Dawn into his office and she was quite shocked when he had told her that he noticed her leadership in cleaning up and making the church look nice when nobody else was and without being asked. He was incredible grateful and offered her to lead the custodial ministry to beautify the church. Though completely taken aback by his offer, she happily accepted.Today, after over 10 years at RAM church Dawn is now the leader of 4+ ministries and firmly believes in “See a job, do a job”, which has clearly defined her as a leader and role model in and outside her church.

How do you define leadership?

What makes you a leader?

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