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14 November 2017

ANXIOUS?!!! How to overcome anxiety & other emotions that slow you down.

Jairek Robbins


Hello and welcome to another episode of JRCtv!


Today we are tackling a subject that has been coming up alot and we get asked about alot and that is how to manage Anxiety or Fear – those limiting emotions that take up so much emotional space in our lives.


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In a time where we are expected to be more, want more, produce more because of the resources at our disposal, we need ways to manage and diffuse those emotions before they manifest in harmful physical ways.



Today I share a few tips and a trick I learned from my Dad to reset and put you back into a healthy mental space. If you or someone you know is constantly anxious or struggling with anxiety, then join the conversation, share this video and let us know how you feel after the exercise!

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To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins



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