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7 April 2015

A Relationship Deal Maker vs Deal Breaker

Jairek Robbins

GIVE WITH YOUR WHOLE HEARTToday’s topic is one I’ve learned first hand through a series of bad relationships and an ever evolving relationship with family members through good times and bad.


It’s also a topic that comes up frequently in discovery coaching calls, facebook posts, and emails, so I knew I had to cover it on today’s JRCtv.



To get started:

Is there anything in life, love, your career (or other areas of life) that you want to get?

Maybe it’s a date, or new job, or a promotion…

Is there just one thing, or more than one thing you’re trying to get? Why do you want it?


Now we could keep digging, and we will (and provide strategic ideas too) in today’s download below, but I want to stop you.


There’s something that’s tremendously flawed with the mindset of the questions above. Think you know what it is?

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Before I tell you, I have to say thank you to a certain person who helped inspire both today’s JRCtv and next week’s episode too (stay tuned!) as he wrote in about our previous episode (here) and said “If people simply think of a bigger number, like how many millions they could make it would make them come up with bigger, better and more ideas”


My wife and I operate a little differently, so it immediately spun off into a whole new conversation. Our conclusion was: People do things for different reasons.


Some may do things for money, while others may do things for the greater good. For example, some  may work to invent the newest gadget to make millions of bucks, while others start a new venture to end world hunger.


The REAL question I have for you is: Are you going to LIFE, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, OR YOUR BUSINESS to give or to get?

Are you trying to simply get a billion dollars or are you going to give tremendous value, service, love, and contribution in such a way that you don’t need to get anything in return?


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The moment I realized it wasn’t what I could get (be it love, help, money, a date, etc) but rather what I could give (my greatest gifts, love, support, help..etc.) is when I found the love of my life, relationship with family members grew tremendously, and  business began to grow exponentially.


If there’s one thing you learn from today’s episode and download, I hope it’s to remember everyone does things for their own reasons whether it’s to make a billion or give a billion, all that matters is that you know when you go to GIVE and not get amazing things will happen.


To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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