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9 August 2012

A Quick Re-cap of the last few months … #MakeItCount

Jairek Robbins

So I sat down and was taking a quick browse through all of my crazy/fun adventure photos and videos from the last few months and decided it would be fun to make a quick re-cap video to share with ya’ll…

Check it out…

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”550″ height=”340″]

So I have a couple questions for you??

Are you LIVING YOUR IDEAL DAY?? (get my free “ideal day design kit” at

Are you striving to #MakeItCount each day?

If you are CONGRATS!!! Is there a way you can AMPLIFY your dreams/vision/goals to step up your game?

If not, Then what decision MUST you make TODAY, RIGHT NOW THIS MOMENT to help get you on track with living your IDEAL DAY TODAY!?

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