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4 May 2020

9 Ways to Create More FREEDOM in Your Life Today!

Jairek Robbins

Today’s topic is simple, sweet, and straight to the point. It is 9 ways to create more freedom in your life today. Many of us might feel a constriction right now, we might feel tight, and we might feel a degree of lack of freedom in the world purely because we have been told to stay home and follow the rules given on how to stay safe.

In thinking about that, I wanted to give you the opportunity that even if you are at home, you can tap into more freedom mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by a couple of decisions that you can make. Here are the tips on how you can do this.

1. Design Your Ideal Day

What does this mean? Sit down for a moment with a pen and paper and make a decision or a vision of what you decide to make real. 

For example, how do you want to feel every day? Where do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to share life with? What projects do you want to work on? How much energy do you want in your mind and body each day? 

If you sit down and purposefully design your ideal day, it starts to create more freedom. This is because you aren’t living based on what life randomly throws your way. Instead, you are living based on the kind of life that you have designed for yourself in your mind and in your vision, which you have put on paper and are now making it real.

Doing that instantly creates more freedom. Now most of you guys are at home watching this, and you have a rare opportunity that you don’t have to go out and work every day. This means that you have the ability to create your ideal day wherever you are right now.

2. Pick a Job or Business That Fits Around the Life You Want to Live (Instead of Trying to Fit Your Life Around the Job or Business You Already Have)

A lot of people go about this in the standard way. They sit and say, “Well, I’ve got this job and I’ve got to work from 9 to 5pm so if I want to work out, or have some time for my relationship, then I guess I have to fit it somewhere around my job.”

Do the opposite. Sit down and ask yourself how you would want to live your life. How would you want to feel every day? When do you want to wake up? Who do you want to wake up next to? What’s all the things you want to experience? 

Once you have decided on all that, find a job or create a business that fits around the life that you want to live so that you can find a business that supports the kind of life you want to live. That is another way to create more freedom; choose a business around the life you want to live rather than trying to fit the life you want to live around the business or job you currently have.

3. Craft Your Vision and Purposefully Handpick Your Peer Group

There are certain people that when you spend time with or hang out with you feel alive, you feel free, you feel excited, you feel the passion and those people are good to be around. 

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There’s other people that drain your energy, exhaust you, make you feel overwhelmed or torn down. Choose the people you spend time with and find those that make you feel more free and alive every time you are around them.

4. Your PhD Curriculum

If you had the freedom to choose who you are going to be and how you are going to live your life, then you should also choose who you are going to become. 

What are you going to learn? What are you going to feed your mind every day? What are you going to flood into your thoughts that is going to enable you to elevate, escalate and evolve into a better human or a better version of you?

In doing that, pick a topic that you want to master for 10-12 years of your life, just like you would if you were going to get your PhD in a topic. Master that topic and this will allow you to open up your mind and actually allow you to experience more freedom because what happens is that when you truly master a topic, it takes less effort to make more progress. This frees up more time, and you end up with more freedom in your life.

5. Pick a Cause You Support

I was talking to my dad about this and he had showed me that Joseph Kennedy, in the Great Depression and over a six-year duration, took $4 million and turned it into $180 million in the middle of the depression.

I was like wow! One of my favorite mantras is “massive wealth is made in times of radical uncertainty.” We are in a time of total chaos and uncertainty in which massive wealth can be made right now. So, pick a cause you are going to support as you make your fortune!

6. Choose Where You Want to Live and How Long You’re Going to Live There Each Year

This is an amazing time in history when you can work from almost anywhere in the world! Why not sit down, if you want to experience more freedom, and decide where you want to live each year?

My wife and I are currently living in Puerto Rico, we’ve lived in Miami before that, and before that we lived in Tampa, San Diego, and Costa Rica. We lived for three weeks in Mallorca, Spain last summer and loved it, and so choosing where you want to live each year and how long you want to live in that place is a great way to tap into having more freedom.

7. Master Meditation

If you want to free your mind, master meditation. This is the ability to free yourself of random thoughts distracting and pushing or pulling you mentally.

8. Master your breathing

If you want to free your body, master your breathing. Mastering your breathing allows you to let go of any past triggers, pains or anything that has been holding onto you. 

9. Master your Prayer

Finally, if you want to free your spirit, master prayer each day. Get to a point of deep and repetitive prayer that allows your spirit to feel free. 

So, if you want to free your mind, master meditation; if you want to free your body, master your breathing and if you want to free your spirit, master prayer.

And those are 9 ways you can find more freedom in all that you do no matter where you are in the world. Now, some of them require you to move, but most of them require a mental, emotional or a spiritual shift that allows you to tap into even more freedom that’s always available for you. 

So, tag someone who needs to hear this, enjoy this process, have fun with it, and I very much look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for another chat just like this. Talk soon!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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