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12 March 2012

You can change your life in a single moment…

Jairek Robbins

You can change your life in a SINGLE MOMENT… you just have to DECIDE to and get 100% committed to making the shift…

That moment you have decided and committed you just need to start taking consistent daily actions! No matter if it seems like it is working or not… just keep taking the daily actions!

Pretty soon you will start to get momentum, then you’ll still not see any results… after a while you will have momentum on your side… eventually you will see a tiny results…

and think…

SHIT I did ALL this F’in WORK for THIS LITTLE DINKY RESULTS!! (this is life testing you to see if you REALLY want it or just kinda want it…) if you are 100% committed you will keep taking those small steps every day and pretty soon WAMOOOOO you’ll have a life that you were once dreaming of!!

Great books to read and programs to attend to point you in the right direction…

1. Man’s search for meaning (to get out of your way)

2. Awaken the Giant With-in (to remind you how powerful you really are!)

3. Rapid Results Formula (to help you get clear on EXACTLY what you want and where you are going and kick start the daily actions!)

4. PH Miracle (you are going to need the extra energy!)

5. Watch this video from time to time to stay motivated…

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