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3 December 2014

5 Genius Time Management + Goal Setting Tips – An Interview with Brian Tracy

Jairek Robbins

a dream is just a wish goal quote never give up quoteWhether it’s the season of giving or not, being in our community you know we are all about giving- all year around. This week is NO exception as l invited the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Brian Tracy to join us on JRCtv.


Together we were able to drop some incredible knowledge to help you become more successful in business, in time management, in achieve goals and simply being a better human being.


There is truly something in this episode for everyone. Be sure to grab your journal and have plenty of ink in your pen because we’re going to cover:

While this interview is value packed, one of the highlights for me, is our discussion on finding your passion. Brian really redefines what it means to find your passion in a way that will leave you with an “AHA!” moment, especially if you’re someone who looking to to find or live their passion!


Now I know time management is a hot topic for everyone in this super busy world in which we live. Therefore, I ask Brian Tracy for his best tips on how to manage your time and how to stay focused, and a great mantra to help us do both.


One important point I’d love for you to consider when applying the mantra is what language really works for you. Perhaps “back to work” doesn’t work for you. If you’re anything like me there’s not much that really feels like work because I love what we do. It’s my passion, my mission, my gift and I’m here to share it with the world. I’m here to share it with you. So for me, my mantra when I’m having trouble focusing would be something more along the lines of “back to my mission” or “back my people” because work doesn’t motivate me quite like my mission does, or like helping you does.


What I challenge you to do today, is take this idea of a mantra to keep you focused, but make it your own with words or phrases that truly work for you to motivate and inspire you to keep doing what you’re put on this planet here to do!


There are TONS of other golden nuggets of advice on time management, success in business, achieving goals, etc so be sure to tune in and check out Brian’s time management program at…

 To your Success,
Jairek Robbins


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