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8 August 2011

Rapid Results Formula – Wealth Series – 3 of 4

Jairek Robbins

So you are half way through the Rapid

Results Wealth Series… What do you think?


Hopefully you have gathered some tools, insights

and strategies around wealth and started to apply

them to your life!


This next step is all about DREAMING BIG!


If I were to ask you… In the next 5 years what is

your vision for wealth in your life?


Do you have a crystal clear vision? For most

people the answer is NO! they are so caught up

just trying to figure out how to pay the bills next

month that they haven’t event taken a moment

to create a vision for all of the wealth and abundance

that they’d like to have in the future.


You know as well as I do… What ever you focus on

you get MORE of!


Here is a quick video of me sharing some insights

on creating your wealth vision as well as sharing

a few simple tools you can create to help you keep your

mind focused on that vision until it becomes reality!





After you finish reading this e-mail I’d spend

15-20 min literally creating your wealth vision!






Another tool you can use to help you create your



This kit will help you create a vision for your

absolute ideal day! The type of day that even

if you did not get paid a dime you’d be head over

heels in love with!


You can get a copy of it at






Now that you have your WEALTH VISION… I have to

share with you a message that I found that will help describe

to you the level of commitment you’ll need in order to

turn this vision into reality…







If so, then you will find a way!


If not, then what would you have to shift in your mind, body or

emotions in order to want it THAT bad?



I’ll leave you with that today…


Until tomorrow!


Jairek Robbins


PS: Tomorrow I am going to share with you a PROVEN

FORMULA that will literally help you RAPIDLY ACHIEVE

your WEALTH VISION! All you have to do is take action and

apply it 100% and you’ll be on your way to RAPID RESULTS!


PSS: Remember…

“You will never be successful until I do not Have to give you a dime

to do what you do…You won’t be successful Until you can say I don’t

need that money I got it in here…” –Eric Thomas


Have you identified a BIGGER reason of why you really do what you do?

A reason beyond the money? Tomorrow I’ll share a couple stories of how

i have watched people literally go from $0 to Millions all based on their

ability to help others have a better quality of life!


A simple secret… the more they helped others… the more they made! 

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