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8 December 2016

3 Reasons People Fall Off Track Of Goals & How To Stop

Jairek Robbins

Hey there, welcome back to another episode of JRCTv.  Tired of falling short of your goals?


Today we’re going to focus on three main reasons why people fall off track, don’t follow through, or fail to accomplish the goal they are working towards.


Sound familiar?

(Download your bonus worksheet below for a deep dive into sticking to your goals once and for all!)


Here’s exactly why people fall short or fail to achieve their goals:

#1 Your Story & Habits Stink

Think of a goal or an outcome you are trying to accomplish, one that you still haven’t completed.  What’s the story you tell yourself about why you haven’t achieved it yet? To be a blunt… What is the excuse you keep telling yourself about why you haven’t accomplished the goal? Is it, I don’t have enough resources (time, money, contacts)? I just haven’t put in the effort? I’m lazy? What are you telling yourself that’s keeping you from moving forward?


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For the past 13+ years in working with thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe we have found that most of these stories have a bad mental or physical habit attached to them. For example, if you tell yourself; I ran out of resources, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, I don’t know the right people…etc. it is usually followed by a physical habit of not moving forward, getting stuck and feeling paralyzed. Once you are stuck physically then it reinforces the mental and emotional feeling of being “stuck”.


These stories can be fixed by training your body behaviorally to keep moving  forward, even when it starts to feel setbacks.  (Tweetable!)


If you can train your body to do that, the next time the thought of “I don’t have the time for this” comes up your new thought process will be:


“I’m just gonna do one more minute.”


Change “I don’t have the time” to “I’m gonna do one more minute.” If you keep moving forward, you’ll find that you do have the time and you didn’t get it done.


If you’re running out of financial resources, you’re like “Oh my gosh, we’re running out of money.” And you say, “Listen, I’m just gonna find a way to make one more sale, to make one more raise, to make one more investment into this, and if you keep edging forward, eventually it’ll work out.”


If you train your body physically to get through it, it’s amazing how you can keep momentum on your side versus allowing the story to cause you to physically stop moving forward.  So, in the worksheet below, the first thing I want you to do is to write down one goal you’ve wanted to achieve, that you have not accomplished yet.


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The second reason why people end up giving up is because they work like crazy and then at some point they come up for a break. They look around and start comparing: comparing themselves to other people around them and other people’s progress. This is a dangerous habit. Instead you want to compare yourself to how much closer you are than you were before, not how far behind you are.


 If you compare wisely, it can help propel you forward or inspire you.  If you compare foolishly, it will surely slow you down. 

**The goal is to remind yourself how far you’ve come vs how far you still have to go** (Tweetable!)


#3 Your Self Talk Sucks

In others words, you don’t stand guard to your mind. Your consistent self talk becomes your identity and your identity dictates what you will and will not accomplish. So whats will your mantra be?  What’s the phrase you will tell yourself? Maybe “Just one more step” “One more day” “One more call”… Just one more of whatever you need to do to keep the momentum on your side. This will help drive you forward. You’ll quickly find that with the right affirmations that keep you moving forward you’ll immediately get unstuck and build momentum on your side.


Download the worksheet below that will walk you through this process to remove doubt, stories, excuses, and activate you to stop falling short of your goals and CRUSH IT in life, love and business!


To your success,




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