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3 January 2014


Jairek Robbins

No more excuses, 2013 is over. 2014 is here and it’s time you tap into your unlimited potential and gain maximum momentum, to make a massive difference in your life, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others as well. My personal 2014 goal is that you are more alive, free, and fulfilled than ever before! Join me in making this goal come to fruition!

Make sure to grab a copy of our 2014 Goal-Setting Workshop below! 

In beginning your 2014 Goal Setting Workshop with me, I want you to remember these words: “Life supports that, which supports Life.” These are words I truly live by and encourage you do to the same.

What do I mean? Whenever you take the time to truly grow, share, and give to Life, you’ll reap massive dividends from Life!! That said, in which ways or areas of Life could you make it a personal (or professional) goals to obtain maximum growth through contribution to Life? When focusing on the “Major” areas of life: health, love, spirituality, business and finances, what are the goals (or resolutions) you have for yourself which you could also share with your friends, family, community, and the world?

I’m thrilled to share our 2014 Goal Setting Workshop with you, it’ll help you take the best of the best from 2013, add your 2014 goals, while staying true to your life vision. Lastly, it’ll add massive emotional rocket fuel to get you going in a HUGE way in 2014!!

What can you expect from JRC in 2014?! We so excited to share more (and even GREATER) knowledge, insights, inspiration and coaching with you and everyone in our growing community!

Here’s what we currently have going on and looking so forward to sharing with you!!!

January 2014:

In 2013, we are so grateful to have launched our non-profit, Live it Give it Foundation!! In 2014, LIGI will be giving back in a HUGE way!!! One of my personal goals for the year is GIVE GIVE GIVE (and give MORE!) to those in need all over the world!

That said, check out our latest and greatest initiative to spread more warmth, love and kindness at www.KindnessLovesCompany.ORG Kindness Loves Company, a Live it Give it Experience, is a Charity Road Trip with myself and 4 other awesome people from around the world. Through January 2014, we will jump into an RV and road trip across the country performing acts of kindness and service through cities along the way.

If “Give Back” was on your New Years Resolution list (I hope it was!!), then this is your chance!! Donate, volunteer and JOIN us along our journey!! Don’t have the time? That’s fine, we definitely need financial contributions as well to make this all happen!! Visit our fundraising page at to learn more about our trip and to give back in a BIG way!! Every dollar counts! Thank you for your support!

Finally, let us know if you’re in any of the following cities:

Phoenix, Albuquerque, Vegas, OKC, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa! We’d love to meet you along the way!

April 2014:

A Love & Relationship Retreat! This is your opportunity to make love an exciting adventure by joining us in a interactive retreat. Learn how to have and maintain a loving relationship which is absolutely euphoric. Dates, Locations, and Pricing to be announced.

May 2014:

MASTERMIND ADVENTURE, which sails through 7 Countries in Northern Europe. This unique experience is limited to 10 brilliant and ambitious people who love adventure just as much as they love to maximize growth and momentum in the major areas of life!! Talk about a catalyst for life! Don’t miss out on Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, and Sweden (fueled with powerful mastermind sessions in between)! MESSAGE ME FOR DETAILS! Starts at only $2,999 for outside cabins! That’s a steal!

So those are a few MAJOR opportunities we have for you to learn, grow, discover, and contribute! We look forward to having you!

What do YOU have going on this year? What are you most excited about!? How are you going to make this the best year of your life!!?

Download our 2014 Goal Setting Workshop here to get the ball rolling now!

Stay tuned for lots of EPIC adventures, massive inspiration, and momentum building tools coming to you from JRC this year!!

Happy New Years Friends!!

Jairek Robbins & Team JRC

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